Idein RS

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5" carbon frame

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Available for Pre-order! Estimate release date: 9/1/2020

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An adrenaline rush from start to finish, guaranteed to give you a grin every time you fly.

IdeinRS is the little, big hitter which delivers unrivalled quality, performance and design.

This frame is designed around the fundamental FridayFPV company ethos, of having fun

and enjoying the FPV experience every time you fly. Smart design and iterative

improvement of this frame mean you spend more time flying and less time breaking

equipment and fixing quads

The major themes for this airframe are ruggedness, reliability and precise balance.

Push yourself faster and further than you ever imagined possible!

Included in the kit


• Arms - 3.5mm (2 pieces)

• Centre Tray - 3mm (1 piece)

• Side Plates - 2.5mm (2 pieces)

• Cam Cage - 2mm (2 pieces)

• Video Cage - 2mm (2 pieces)

• VTx Tray - 2mm (1piece)

• Pilot Camera Adjuster Bracket - 3mm (1 piece)

• Frame Skids – 3mm (4 pieces)

• Frame Spacers D9 M3 x 3mm – 3mm (4 pieces)


• D5 M3 x 26mm – Aluminium (6 pieces)

• D5.5 HEX M3 x 36mm – Aluminium (2 pieces)


• M3 x 6mm Button Cap Screw- Stainless Steel (1 pieces)

•M3 x 8mm Button Cap Screw- Stainless Steel (4 pieces) 

• M3 x 14mm Cap Screw- Stainless Steel (12 pieces)


• Velcro Battery Strap (1 piece)

• Antenna tubes (2 pieces)

• Zip-ties 

• paracord, protective sleeving for fine electronic wiring

• Crash mat, soft silicone mat to protect your batteries from harsh impact (1 Piece)


As far as is practically possible, the Idein RS accepts most fpv electrical hardware. The frame was designed as such to encourage the use of whatever equipment you are most comfortable. The fpv camera, is however, restricted to the HS1177 style form-factor cameras. Any camera of similar form-factor will fit, such as the popular Owl Cam.


·         HS1177 pilot camera (the airframe is only able to accept this camera)

·         220X sized motors

·         36 x 36 mm flight controller (30.5 x 30.5 mm hole spacing) 

·         slim line VTx, such as TS5823

·        slim line Rx (removing the bulky casing on most of your older style Rx modules offers a lot of space saving)

Idein RS