Apex V2 SLSX-5.1

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Apex Race Frame Simple-Light-Stretched-X #valentine

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Apex pre-order  07/05/2018

Apex V2 will be on pre-oreder for the next 4 weeks. Pre-orders will be couriered out to clients on the 6th June 2018. 

Customers doing pre-order frames do get free extras included in their kits and will also receive the all new FridayFPV Huggy Bear battery strap! This isn't a regular battery strap,  keep an eye out for more details on this product to be released soon. 

We will also be releasing details about new printed covers and camera protection options for Apex in the next couple weeks. These prints will be available on the store for purchase or if you have access to a 3-D printer, the STL files will also be available for free download. 

Apex Update 06/05/2018

We have taken all the feedback we have received from you guys and from team pilots to refine and improve the Apex airframe with an all new V2 Apex release.

What's different you may ask?

Well, everything!

We wanted to keep the massive simplicity and light weight of this airframe, which made it so popular, and just refine it further. Putting a V1 alongside with the new V2 version you may say we haven't done anything to the frame at all, but every single part on the frame has been gone over with a fine tooth comb and reworked. Now before you start to worry about compatibility of the V1 and new V2 versions of this frame, don't stress!  Every single part whether V2 or V1 is compatible. So even if you have a V1 you can start to upgrade parts of it with the newer updated V2 equivalents if you want.

Apex V2 and Apex V1 are both backwards and forwards compatible!  

Some of the changes were really subtle, for example we had comments that the deck lid holders were really tight and difficult to fit onto the deck lid. We have improved the tolerances on this part ever so slightly so putting the frame together will be easier, we also smoothed out the internal corners so we could reduce any stress raisers on this part. Subtle but it makes a difference! 

The main base plate has seen the biggest changes on the new V2 release. We have fared out the motor bolt pattern and also increased the radius on the front portion of the frame. There were also some subtle chamfering changes we have made on the frame which have also improved rigidity and stiffness of the overall frame. 

The camera side plates have also been changed up to accommodate the new Caddx style mini cameras which have a much bigger lense. The bolts which were used previously to hold the sides and deck lid together have also been replaced with a single knurled aluminium standoff. This adds some extra color to the Apex but also improves the rigidity of the side plates in a front end crash. 

Apex SLSX5.1 is a Simple-Light-Stretched-X racing drone capable of spinning a 5.1" propeller. Apex is purpose built for track racing, its super low frame weight of 68grams (approx) makes it extremely quick and its acceleration almost instant.

The key focus for this frame is simplicity and light weight. The frame is minimalistic and extremely easy to build, Apex can be flight ready within an hour.

Main chassis plate is a single piece 4mm thick carbon fibre plate, edges chamfered for goodness and feel. The arms of this frame have been filleted and tapered for maximum chassis strength, rigidity, and minimal drag.

The single bolt flip-top deck lid, makes access to the electronics stack for maintenance almost instant. Field repairs and maintenance between race heats isn't even a question, its that simple and that quick! The deck lid also has notches cut into its sides so a VTX or receiver can be zip-tied to its underside for easy access and heat dissipation.

The slim profile of the deck lid offers the maximum amount of protection for your electronics in a crash and the least amount of drag for staying ahead of the pack.

 The electronics bay features a full 35mm of vertical stack space, so it is now possible to fit a quadruple high electronics stack in your frame. 

Camera side plates are notches to make it super easy to set your camera angle, the first notch is set at 10degrees and goes all the way up to 90degrees if you want to stare at the moon before takeoff. 

There is no camera angle limit on this frame!

This frame is designed to accept any camera 22mm wide or less, we do recommend using the RunCam mini for this frame though. As the sides of the RunCam mini are flush, a bolt removed each side of it allow you to easily slide the camera straight out the front of the frame, swapping out a busted camera is now no stress at all.   


Listed below is everything included in your Apex SLSX-5.1 kit.

Please remember to indicate in the notes section at checkout what colour option you would like, standard is ghost red!

We have Red, Black, Blue, Purple and Green available for you.


1 x 4mm carbon fibre main plate (chamfered edge goodness)

1 x 2mm carbon fibre top deck lid (chamfered edge goodness)

2 x 3mm carbon fibre deck lid holders

2 x 2mm carbon fibre side plates for camera (notched to indicate cam angle)


5 x 10mm M3 button cap bolts 

2 x 12mm M3 button cap bolts

2 x M3 Aluminum nylock nuts (choose your colour)

1 x M3 stainless steel nylock bolts

1 x 35mm Aluminium standoff

Fasteners have been matched up together in separate packets to make it easier to assemble the frame.


1 x Battery Pad (low density foam, keeps it light, self adhesive backing keeps it in place)

1 x Zip-tie pack



The Apex SLSX-5.1 frame kit comes with everything you need to put the frame together, it doesn't come with any electronics. 

Would you like to add a RunCam Swift mini to your order?

Would you like to add the RunCam Split (w/wifi module and GoPro Lense)  to your order?



This frame is designed for racing.

This is not a proximity or acro frame for chopping down trees and concrete pillars. If you are looking for something like that, or you want to drive over your quad with a car, perhaps rather have a look at Taboo.

You should aim for a AUW of between 260-270grams.

Be mindful of the electronics you select for this frame and the weight added to it by ancillaries, often not necessary.

The response and feel of this frame is something truly awesome at low AUW's and it is more than possible to get the AUW weight below 250 grams with some careful planning and component selection.

Have a go, see what a difference it makes!


Apex is designed to take a quadruple electronics stack, you have a full 35mm of vertical build space within the frame cavity, so you have the choice to stack multiple boards of your choosing.

The only limitation to electronics is the choice of camera, this frame is designed for mini sized cameras.  

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If you have any questions or comments, or you would like to get more details and info about Apex or anything else relating to FridayFPV, please get hold of us, else email us at mail@fridayfpv.com.


  Please note the photos for this product were taken during final prototyping, finish, component flow, fastener colour and selection may change without notification.