Apex SLSX 5.1 V2 Spares

Spares and accessories for your Apex SLSX 5.1 V2

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Apex SLSX-5.1 - Battery Pad

Battery Pad - High quality foam pad

R 72.00

APEX SLSX-5.1 - Camera side plate

Camera side plate - 2mm pure carbon fibre

R 39.00

Apex SLSX-5.1 - Deck Lid

Deck Lid - 2mm pure carbon fibre

R 59.00

Apex SLSX-5.1 - Deck Lid Holder

Deck Lid Holder - 3mm pure carbon fibre

R 23.00

Apex SLSX-5.1 - Fastener Kit

Fastener Kit - everything to keep your Apex together

R 77.00

Apex SLSX-5.1 - Flexible Antenna Bracket Kit

Flexible Antenna Bracket kit - high quality, durable TPU printed parts

R 70.00

Apex SLSX-5.1 - Main Base Plate

Main Base Plate - 4mm thick - pure carbon fibre - chamfered edges

R 716.00