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Minimalist 3 inch AIO, 16X16 and 20X20 frame

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Designed with the help of local pilots for pilots. We have been testing these for some time now and finally decided it was time to release!

We made it simple, light and strong, and added in the necessary frame component mounting options, to make it easy to fit different components to, and keep you flying.

It has all the options to mount motors both new and old, with the ability to stack mount 16X16mm and 20X20mm boards, or an AIO with slots to accommodate either size. 

The frame measures in at 114mm MTM on the diagonal and is 3mm thick. Carbon, is our tried and battle tested carbon we use on all our frames.

We beefed up the fillets leading to the AIO tabs as we did find these could come apart if they were thinned out too far. The motors have some added extra protection, curtsy of the carbon forward of the motor. The arms are tapered towards the centre fuselage with hefty fillets all-round to remove any stress-raisers.

We have not cut out all the material in the centre of the fuselage like many designs have, in an effort to save weight. We found the flex through the frame to be unacceptable.  

This doesn't mean the frame is chunky, at 3mm thick, with all the motor bolt pattern options and all the FC mounting options, this frame comes in at only 9.5grams. 

We have tested this frame, beaten it up, given it to new pilots and seasoned veterans of the hobby. We have distilled down everything the community asked for into this one tiny little package. It is easy to work on, tough and reliable. It has staggering stiffness and rigidity for its weight. It has loads of options for electronics to make sourcing components a breeze, but we didn't let that complicate the simplicity and clean lines of the frame. 

Let us know what you think. Mail us directly at, We really do appreciate the feedback, all the comments and feedback we receive is used to improve future revisions of our frames. 

Happy flying!