Lycan ULTX 5.1

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Lycan Ultra lite True X Racing Frame

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Lycan is our smallest, lightest and most aggressively accelerating 5.1" racer we have ever released!

The Lycan ULTX 5.1 is a 195mm true-X design, weighing in at 70grams.  This frame is extremely light and compact, allowing you to fly around your competition with very little room.

Lycan has been designed to be as light as absolutely possible while still offering exceptionally good protection for your camera and electronics stack. Outright performance was the number one priority for this frame, but good protection for your electronics was also right up there.

This frame is also extremely easy to work on and can be repaired in-between race heats. This makes for a race frame that is both brutally aggressive and fast on the racing circuit but also easy to maintain and keep at that very high level of performance.  

This frame has been designed specifically for the experienced racer in mind, but isn't the right tool for underground parking lot or close proximity flying.

Customise your Lycan for the equipment you have with a full print range of parts available for free download or purchase here: 

Lycan Spares and Prints

Download all the Lycan prints on Thingiverse,, keyword fridayfpv lycan.

The Lycan Story

If you want to find out more about the design, testing and history of Lycan, take a look at our blog:

The Lycan Story

Included in the Kit

  • Carbon
  •     4 x 5mm carbon fibre arms
  •     2 x 2mm carbon fibre top chassis plates
  •     1 x 3mm carbon fibre main chassis plate
  •     2 x 3mm carbon fibre side plates (notched to indicate cam angle, 45, 55 and 65 degrees)

  • Fasteners
  •     5 x 18mm M3 cap bolts
  •     5 x 12mm M3 cap bolts
  •     9 x 8mm M3 button cap bolts (8 for motors)
  •     4 x M3 stainless steel nylock nuts
  •     2 x 20mm aluminium standoff
  •     5 x press nuts
  •     Fasteners have been matched up together in separate packets to make it easier to assemble     the frame.

  • Miscellaneous
  •     1 x Battery Pad (low density foam, keeps it light, self-adhesive backing keeps it in place)
  •     Stickers!!!!




This frame was designed as a light weight, agile and aggressive racing machine, best suited to tight and technical track racing. Due to its low drag profile and sleek shape it also creates very little disturbance in the air making for a precise flying quad even at high speed on long sweeping straights.

You should aim for a AUW of between 265-275grams. Be mindful of the electronics you select for this frame and the weight added to it by ancillaries, often not necessary.

We do not recommend using anything bigger than a 2206 size motor and a 1300mAh battery!


Lycan is designed to take a triple electronics stack, either 20x20mm or 30x30mm, and a micro 19x19mm camera.


Please note the photos for this product were taken during final prototyping, finish, component flow, fastener colour and selection may change without notification!