Slate RS 6

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Slate, the next gen freestyle frame

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Please Note. This product is on back-order and will ship out  16 December 2019.

Slate is our interpretation of what a rock-solid, bando-wrecking, reliable and fun freestyle frame should be!

Crisp and predictable frame response means your lines and exits after maneuvers are smoother and more predictable. 

We cocooned the centre electronics stacks in layers of carbon and gave the fpv camera two hefty 3mm thick carbon sides for protection. The HD GoPro Session style camera is recessed into the frame, so the frame sides do actually add some pretty serious protection for your fragile HD camera. The more you increase HD camera tilt the more the camera is recessed into the frame, keeping it nicely snug and protected in its brightly colored TPU mount. Four separate arms bolt straight onto a 4mm thick base plate with a 2mm thick top deck lid rounding out the frame with a shaped battery pad to stop things from sliding around.

There are more print options available for this frame than days in the month, so whether you want functional accessories or just some extra blig and color for your frame there are loads of options available.

Customise your Slate RS with a full print range of parts available for free download or purchase here:

Slate RS Spares and Prints

Download all the SlateRS prints on Thingiverse,, keyword fridayfpv SlateRS.

If you want to find out more about the design, testing and history of the SlateRS, take a look on our blog:

The Slate RS Story...

Included in the Kit

  • Carbon
  • 4 x 4mm carbon fibre arms
  • 1 x 2mm carbon fibre top chassis plate
  • 1 x 4mm carbon fibre main chassis plate
  • 2 x 3mm carbon fibre side plates
  • 1 x 2mm carbon fibre top deck plate

  • Fasteners
  • 10 x 10mm M3 cap bolts
  • 2 x 12mm M3 cap bolts
  • 6 x 14mm M3 cap bolts
  • 2 x 20mm M3 cap bolts
  • 10 x M3 stainless steel wide flange nylock nuts
  • 4 x M3 x 8mm wide flange washers
    2 x 25mm aluminium standoff
  • 3 x 40mm aluminium standoff
  • 2 x press nuts

  • Fasteners have been matched up together in separate packets to make it easier to assemble the frame.

  • Miscellaneous
  • 1 x Battery Pad (low density foam, keeps it light, self-adhesive backing keeps it in place)
  • Stickers!!!!



This frame is designed for freestyle!

We don't have an AUW picked out for Slate. Frame weight on a freestyle frame is a personal preference. What we did find is due to the weight of the GoPro and battery being so closely aligned on the horizontal axis and so closely condensed into the centre of the frame you do get a definite crisp feel and responsiveness we didn't feel on earlier prototypes.   


Slate is designed to take a triple electronics stack, either 20x20mm or 30x30mm and then another stack exactly the same right behind it. You can fit a 46x46mm board on the first level of the forward stack and then two 40x40mm boards above that. The stack behind can take three 46x46mm boards. 

Please note if you add in the optional centre standoff you do reduce the stack space down to 40x40mm front and rear. 

Please note the photos for this product were taken during final prototyping, finish, component flow, fastener colour and selection may change without notification!